Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Can't I Vote?

To be able to vote, you'd need to be logged in

How Many Pageants Can I Create?

There is no limit in creating pageants

Why is Paypal Rejecting My Payment/Card?

Paypal has certain terms that protects both vendors and users that could either specify contacting the bank involved or their team. Neither way, you'll need to coordinate with them to be able to make the payment

Can I Only Pay Through Paypal?

No, paypal also allows direct credit card payments as well

Why cant I see the pageant I created in the home page?

There could be 2 reasons for this:
1. Go to your pageant and click on "Publish"
2. There are too many pageants and you'll have click on "View All Pageants" then search for it

Can I avail Boost Votes or Premium Membership using my PayMaya?

1. Go to your contestant that you are supporting and avail the Boost Votes or Premium Membership
                                                                                            2. Click the "Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card.
                                                                                            3. Fill up the form by using your PayMaya Online Debit Card.
                                                                                            Here are the instruction on how you will see your PayMaya Online Debit Card Number:

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